About Us

About Us

Corporate Capability

ITCC, Inc. was incorporated in 1983 as a consulting firm in Washington DC specializing in business consulting services and the application of computers to the access, analysis, and the use of accounting and financial information for more effective and efficient management decisions. Our specialty is Distribution Systems, Manufacturing, Hospitality Industry, Project Costing, Non-Profits, Legal, Etc.

Though the company started out as consultants in International Trade and Technology, presently the principle services offered are in the areas of Business ( accounting, finance, distribution, manufacturing) Application Software Design on Windows .NET platform, Web Development, Database Design on MSSQL, Data Warehousing, Needs Analysis, Software Selection, Sales of appropriate software, Configuring, Installation, Training, and Post-Sales/installation support. We have collaborative relationship with several accounting and LAN companies to provide you with the best support in the industry.


What can ITCC, Inc do for you?

With our highly qualified staff we offer individual attention in working with you to achieve your system and automation goals. Since we are constantly in touch with the state-of-art technology, both in hardware and software, we can provide innovative and long-term solutions to needs in Accounting and Finance, Web-Development, Telecommunications, Networking, Office Automation, Etc. If you would like to discuss the above services further, we will be happy to meet with you, assess you needs, and provide appropriate solutions.